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Duluth and its partner Twin Ports city, Superior, is Minnesota’s direct seagoing connection to the Atlantic Ocean. Dallas Marnich, your local Insurance Brokers of Minnesota agent, is your direct connection to the resources to put together insurance coverage that precisely matches your needs. Unlike an impersonal website or dealing with a single out of state company on your own, Dallas can assure that you get what you need at a fair price.

If you are a business owner, you’ll want to talk to Dallas about all of your business insurance needs from liability and director’s coverage to health plans for your employees. With our access to over fifty major insurance companies we can put together a package that will meet all of your requirements at a fair price, and our Business Owners Plan offers unique custom values for the small businessperson.

In addition we provide the full range of personal property and casualty coverage for home, automobiles, and recreational vehicles. We offer condominium and renters insurance plans as well. So whether Duluth or Superior is your home or the home for your business, your neighbor, the Insurance Brokers of Minnesota covers you. Call us today to discuss what you need.

Dallas Marnich

Dallas Marnich

I started in the insurance business in 2008. My goal as an insurance agent is to provide the right coverage for each individual, and each situation. I enjoy meeting new clients, an...

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Dallas Marnich

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