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Insurance Brokers of Wisconsin

Altoona, founded in 1880, is just around the corner from Eau Claire. It has that small town charm and hospitality that provides many amenities to visitors and locals of all interests. Altoona offers many area attractions, events and activities for any visitor to enjoy while in the Eau Claire area.  

Not only known for its wide focus on outdoor recreation, Altoona is a railroad terminal on the Union Pacific Railroad. It is a main division point on the railroad between St. Paul and Elroy, WI.

Along with Altoona being a great community to raise your family in, it's also a great spot to check out Insurance with Brian Westrate at Insurance Brokers of MN, Inc.  Representing over 50 companies, he uses his skill and knowledge to get you the best rates and coverages that you need for you, your family or business.

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Brian Westrate

Brian Westrate

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Hello, I’m Brian Westrate. Immediately after graduating from College I founded a small business in my home town of Eau Claire, Wisconsin. Then, after 17 years in business market conditions necessitated that I shut the company down and pursue a new career. My first (and only) call was to my friends at Insurance Brokers of Minnesota to ask if I could partner with them. The answer was yes, and Insurance Brokers of Wisconsin was born. My “spare time” is spent with my family. My wife Beth and I have two children, Emma and Ethan whose busy schedules keep us running. Any time I have left over after work and family I spend volunteering in my community, and hunting. I love business, and I love people, and I look forward to getting to know you as we partner to make sure we have properly protected what you have worked hard to build, be it a company, a home, or a family. I look forward to meeting you!

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