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Home of the world’s largest mallard, Wheaton can be found where Minnesota, North Dakota, and South Dakota meet, and is centrally located to experience the unique geography of the Red River Valley, Continental Divide, and long-melted glacial Lake Agassiz.

Wheaton is a popular destination for hunters, fishers, and nature lovers. It is also where you can find your local Insurance Broker of Minnesota agent Brooke Behrens. Serving Wheaton, the surrounding areas, and partnering with over fifty major insurance companies, Brooke uses her skill and knowledge to get you the best rates and coverages that you need for you, your family or business.

Give Brooke Behrens a call today to discuss your insurance needs.

Brooke Behrens

Brooke Behrens

I am a new insurance agent located in Wheaton, MN. I look forward to meeting new clients and helping with any insurance needs you may have. I moved to Wheaton with my husband in 20...

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