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David Wichman, CLCS

My name is David Wichman I have a wife Kelly and 5 children. (One that works in my office Josh). I enjoy Bike riding, trying new restaurants and my greatest passion is the missions work we do servicing a people group that live next to a garbage dump In Guatemala. Kelly and I usually make at least 1 trip a year there and I am part of a non-profit board that raises funds so that a monthly food distributions can happen. It feeds right now 140 families.

I also love to fish and watch soccer.

Have a blessed day,

David Wichman, CLCS

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I first got to know Dave through serving together in a High School youth group.  I had been with my previous insurance company for a long time and I decided to see if I could save money with Dave.  I was shocked!  And honestly, I was a little angry at my previous insurance company.  Dave was able to save my family a bunch of money.  Our auto insurance was cut in half, IN HALF!  For the exact same coverage!  And our homeowners insurance decreased as well!  Dave is approachable when I have questions, and his team always gives great customer service.  I know they will always make sure that I have great insurance for a great price.

Seth Crocker

Dave has been an excellent agent for us for many years.  He is prompt with service and information and his extensive knowledge of the companies he works with saved us from a potentially costly decision with our recent insurance updates.  Dave is diligent about conducting annual reviews to keep our expenses in check and our property and livelihood well-protected.  Dave is one of the very best.  We highly recommend him!

Tom Williams and Amy Worden

We have been working with Dave for the better part of 19 years when he was still an agent representing a big national insurance company.  First found him through a community magazine.  Out of that, only two years were we away from Dave as we shopped around for lower rates.  Nonetheless, we have been very happy with Dave’s service.  He is an independent agent now; we know he is always watching for better companies, better rates and better matches for us!
Dave is attentive and patient in explaining the terms (“stacking” anyone?) and coverages.  As most people shopping for insurance, we were at times fixated only with out-of-pocket costs.  Dave is good at analyzing our needs and not just trying to sell more or higher coverage to us.  He is also prompt in answering questions.  Sometimes I am amazed at how his brain stores the knowledge of each customer (OK – I can only speak for myself – how does he remember so much about our household right after he picks up the phone?).
Though insurances have gradually become commodities, the service counts when you really need it!  I would highly recommend Dave – an agent with a heart and a big brain!!

Dennis Wu