Seth D. Metcalf – AgriBusiness Insurance Expert

Clients of Seth Metcalf at Insurance Brokers of MN can expect excellent service from a dedicated agribusiness specialist and the top insurance companies we partner with. Our agri – business companies offer risk control specialists, and claim handlers specific to your industry. Learn more about your options for agribusiness insurance coverage by contacting Seth or complete our Protection Savings Form.

Agri – Businesses

We provide insurance solutions to a wide range of agriculture businesses. Here are some of the business types we currently serve:

  • Animal Slaughtering and Processing (poultry, egg, etc.)
  • Agronomy
  • Beet Sugar Manufacturing
  • C – Stores
  • C – Stores with Agronomy
  • Canneries (fish, seafood, fruits, vegetables)
  • Cooperatives
  • Confectionary Manufacturing and Wholesalers
  • Dairy Product (except dried or canned) Merchant Wholesalers
  • Dairy Product Manufacturing (milk, eggs, cheese, butter)
  • Dried/Dehydrated Food Manufacturing
  • Energy
  • Farm Supplies Merchant Wholesalers
  • Fertilizer Dealers and Distributors with Custom Mixing
  • Fish and Seafood Merchant Wholesalers
  • Flower, Nursery Stock and Florist Supplies Merchant Wholesalers
  • Food Distributors and Processors
  • Frozen Fruit Juices and Food
  • Fruit and Vegetable Merchant Dealers
  • Fruit and Tree Nut Farming (orchards, roasted nuts and peanut butter processing)
  • Fruit and Vegetable Packing
  • Grain Elevators
  • LGP
  • Meat Packing Plants
  • Milk Haulers
  • Mills (Animal Feed Manufacturing, Feed Mills, Flour Milling, Grain)
  • Nursery, Garden Center and Farm Supply Stores
  • Petroleum
  • Seafood Processing and Packaging
  • Seed Cleaners/ Dealers
  • Seed Merchants
  • Sod Farms
  • Soybean Processing
  • Support Activities for Animal Production (breeding services for animals – AI, etc., dairy herd improvement activities, livestock spraying, and sheep dipping and shearing)
  • Veterinary Services (livestock services)

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