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As the Agency owner, Mark comes with a vast array of life knowledge and experience that helps him understand his clients’ needs and the responsibilities that go with providing insurance coverage for them. A seven-year veteran of the Marine Corps, twenty-one years with the San Diego Sheriff’s Department, and 17 years of financial and insurance experience, he is well suited for the needs in today’s ever changing insurance market.

Mark has an industry certification as a Certified Family Business Specialist and has worked with closely held businesses establishing qualified plans, group health and employee benefits as well as providing for their commercial insurance needs. In addition, you won’t find “Medicare and Social Security Specialists” at the government website, but you’ll find him here. Mark has helped hundreds of clients over the years navigate the process of obtaining social security benefits, initiating Medicare and then helping his clients determine the best options to close the gaps of original Medicare with either Advantage Plans, Supplementals and Prescription Drug Plans.

Mark has a positive and motivating personality and looks forward to helping our clients with passion and commitment not common in our industry. Mark has been married to Sheila for 25 years, and has three boys aged 22, 16 and 16. A classic car enthusiast an outdoorsman and a penchant for new adventures.