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Located in Hennepin County, close to the Twin Cities, Brooklyn Center is a business center as well as a varied and unique residential community. Access to quality services including insurance is a vital part of a thriving community, and your Iocal Insurance Brokers of Minnesota representative, Steven Graham, is ready to help you, whatever your individual circumstances.

If your business is based in Brooklyn Center, you’ll want to talk to Steven about all of your business insurance needs from liability and director’s coverage to health plans for your employees. With our access to over fifty major insurance companies we can put together a package that will meet all of your requirements at a fair price, and our Business Owners Plan offers unique custom values for the small businessperson.

In addition we provide the full range of personal property and casualty coverage for home, automobiles, and recreational vehicles. We offer condominium and renters insurance plans as well. So whether Brooklyn Center is your home or the home for your business, your neighbors, the Insurance Brokers of Minnesota covers you. Call us today to discuss what you need.

Steven Graham

Steven Graham

As your Insurance Brokers of MN independent agent, we believe there is more to insurance than the policy itself. It’s about providing dependable protection and service. That is w...

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Steve Graham and his team far and away exceeded all expectations of a perfect insurance company. They employ every resource finding you insurance that meets your needs. Affordability and quality coverage can be hard to find. Steve’s office delivers with friendly yet easy to understand options. Your agent should be there to assist and advocate, that is Steve’s strongest attribute!!  He knows how to listen to the consumer, and I am proud to say he is my family’s agent.

David M.

Just wanted to say how impressed and satisfied with the service I’ve received at your agency. From Raquel coming up with the quotes in really fast time; you going over the quotes when we met to Leah (actually big thanks to her!) for helping me make sure the transition to your agency went well and following up. 


Dont often send out a congratulatory email like this, but really wanted you to know how your team did!

Neal M.

My family has worked with Steve Graham for at least 20 years.  When my husband bought home and car insurance from Steve in his own company, I was a little unsure about leaving the brand of insurance we had used so long.  It wasn’t until after we had been under the new insurance and I made a claim, that I realized that what I liked and appreciated about the previous company was how Steve handled things for us.  Even though he has others helping us with some of the day-to-day business, I find the same level of commitment to us in them.  My daughter is buying her first house and needed home insurance.  I referred her to Steve’s company.  Steve personally gave her a call and they chatted a bit about her father, who passed away last year.  The personal touch was so very appreciated by both my daughter and by me.  I highly recommend Steve Graham and the rest of his team to anyone looking for insurance from a great company.



We wanted to take time out to say thank you.  It has been about a year and half since our neighbors Don and Sally told Mike and I about you and the outstanding service they have experienced over the years.  We’re happy to say we have received that same great service.  We especially appreciate the way you helped us with Rebecca’s car;  having our daughter out of town is a bit stressful  and we were relieved to have her car repaired so quickly.  It was also nice to get Mike’s windshield fixed so easily.  Again, thank you for the great service you have provided to us.

Stacy and Mike Share

I wanted to say that I contacted the agent at about 2:30 PM for a home policy. By 3:30PM I had a binder. The agent personally delivered it to my home that evening. Thanks again for your hard work on this!

Doug Hettrick

Years ago our family company’s insurance agent told me both as a friend and our agent that having a human being agent with a physical office is the safest, best way to get coverage. Why? Because insurance is not just about having the best rates. Imagine your house burns down or your car is totaled. Better to talk to a large insurance company using an impersonal 800 number on the phone, or have an actual human being to step in, in person with TLC when everything is in chaos and trauma?

 Fast forward to today. My wife and I have been using Steven Graham’s Insurance Brokers of Minnesota for several years now. The service is great. Our questions answered. The details covered. And most important of all, if something horrible were to happen, we know Steven and his team are there for us ready to jump in and take care of our situation, no matter how bad the situation might be.

 The world has enough to worry about. Having the right insurance policies and people to back these policies up are not in our worry load. Thank you Steven Graham and team. Because of you, when it comes to our insurance coverage with human beings to back everything up, we sleep better every night.

Charles L.

You have absolutely no idea how grateful I am for your professionalism and diligence in getting all of this straightened out and taken care of. THANK you  SO much! It is rare now days to find the customer service you provided and it was very much appreciated.

Gail D.

Last week Sandee and I were in Florida for a brief vacation.  We rented a car and were asked to provide a declaration of insurance, which we didn’t realize was needed and of course didn’t have with us.   I called your office and they immediately faxed the needed declaration to the rental place.  

Just wanted to say thanks for taking care of this for us so promptly.  Sounds like we would have had a hard time renting a car without this. 

I wasn’t even sure who in your office I talked to that took care of this but it was greatly appreciated!


Mike was Fantastic! We were being questioned on our siding and he went to bat for us to get the information needed over to the company. After 3 days of discussion, we were approved. This was really good news. Thanks for going the extra mile for us. I am very pleased with your work and special care. Means a lot to me in a world lacking these fine work ethics.


We have been with Steven Graham’s agency for over 10 years. We have two businesses and all of our personal policy’s with Steve’s agency. We had a hail damage claim a few years ago and Steve and his staff were right on it. They made the whole process easy and run smoothly. They are always available to answer all of our questions whenever we call them, which we very much appreciate. I highly recommend the Steven Graham Agency with Insurance Brokers of Minnesota for all your insurance needs

Terry and Kris Torrence

I have been a customer of Steven Graham since 1993.  I met him through my brother.This is about the experience I have had Steven Graham Agency and it’s employees. This was at a time that I had the misfortune of having a very bad ticket on my driving record.  That made it so that my present insurance coverage was summarily cancelled.  Steve came to my house and met with me and was able to make it so that my car had insurance coverage.  AND at a fairly reasonable rate even though the ticket was alcohol related.  I was thankful for his help.

Over the past 23 years I have stayed with his agency and he has helped me in other matters also.  I have been in the housing rental

business for many years and he and his staff have worked to find me the most coverage with the lowest cost.  They have explained different options to me and helped me to find the best coverage for my properties.  He or Mike will come directly to my property and take pictures and applications as needed.  Which of course is a time saver for me.

Now comes the year 2016 and I found myself in a position where my family and myself were going to be without health insurance

coverage, as the company that we had been with decided not to do business in the state of Minnesota.  So I had to scramble and look through the different options that self employed people have.  It was very nerve wracking and hard to figure out what would be the best coverage for us.  The costs were outrageous and the coverage not very good with high deductibles.

I talked with Mike Woolever and asked him for his assistance.  He was very helpful at explaining the different options to me as far as costs, coverage, and deductibles.  THEN he came up with a policy that was just right and had better coverage with lower deductible than any other policy offered.  Mike walked me through the application process and helped me fill out the paperwork, of which there were many forms.  He submitted it for approval.  I was denied at first which was very upsetting to me.   Mike made it a point to talk directly with the underwriters and others at Perferred One and was able to get my policy approved.  I feel that Mike went out of his way to take care of me.  I was so relieved to have good coverage again, actually better coverage than I previously had.

I would certainly recommend this agency to you, as I have told my family and friends, who also have used their services.

J. J.